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Our story 

Yaffa, or as I call her  "Imma", taught me everything I know about good food and the art of hospitality.


Her dishes, inspired by her mom's traditional Moroccan cooking and her ever-growing passion for Middle-Eastern produce and spices, are famously flavorful, complex, and delicious.

One of my most favorite childhood memories is sitting in Yaffa's Kitchen, on Friday afternoon's, cleaning veggies, forming patties, and tasting- everything! The intensity of the flavors, the richness, and textures are burned in my memory and through my senses.


Life happens, and for the better part of the last two decades, Yaffa and I live on different continents, but are inseparable in our love of Middle-Eastern and North-African food. A few years ago, she finally gave me some of her recipes and, together, through hours of conversations, we've fine-tuned a menu for you.


Marco, Yaffa's son.

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